The Skeleton Closet Saga – Finding The Moments

The making of every CD comes with its own tale. Studio stories, budgeting woes, hours spent on one bridge, a few heads banged against the wall, and scheduling challenges. Skeleton Closet is no exception. Born of the fruitful creative sessions for Hit Parade, this #6 solo CD has now taken longer to birth than any of the previous ones.

Salim tells us, “Skeleton Closet has been the longest standing project I’ve ever worked on. Over 3 years in the making or waiting, depending on how you look at it. It was started in Austin at the Treefort in August of 2010 when my last record, Hit Parade, was begun. In September (2013) I spent a week in Austin with the Treefort 5 and Nick Earl. We recorded 7 new songs and were able to basically wrap up the recording phase of the record. Now all I have to do is carve out enough time to mix it”

Salim’s music business requires that he spend the largest amount of his time working in his studio producing music for other artists. Time spent on his own music takes him away from that, and if it were not for the generous contributions of his fans during his fan-funded pledge drives for both Hit Parade and Skeleton Closet, it is likely that neither would have been accomplished.

So, the latest word on the release of Skeleton Closet? – Salim claims, “I’m shooting for a Spring 2014 release. Thank you for your support & patience.”

The songs of Skeleton Closet have a completely different sound than those recorded for Hit Parade. And the most recently written songs that were recorded for the CD are not like any he has ever created. We are certain fans will be entertained, gratified, and excited to share this music. “Worth the wait” may be an overused phrase, but it certainly applies here.