Travoltas Update!


We asked Salim, “What’s up with the Travoltas?!” Remember the Travoltas? Salim’s brainchild of a band in polyester suits? Salim Nourallah (vocals, guitar), Paul Slavens (keys, vocals), Nick Earl (guitar), Emsy Robinson (bass) and Mike Hodges (drums)……..

Thank Goodness – The Travoltas do still exist – they have not broken up (what the heck would they do with those suits?) Here’s the scoop: after their 2012 tour opening for the Old 97s, Mike moved to New York. Now we don’t want to blame it all on Mike – so we must tell all – this year, Nick joined the Polyphonic Spree (congrats Nick!) and inherited their touring schedule. As you can imagine, these circumstances, plus the dozens of projects Salim has going on, and everyone’s busy lives, have created a scheduling nightmare.

For those new to Salim’s music – The Travoltas were formed in the fall of 2011. To have watched and listened to this project develop from a Salim Nourallah concept to a full blown touring band, including a debut CD, was a thing of beauty and afforded some insight into the exceptional creative mastermind of this artist.

The Travoltas’ unique sound “is a blend of pop/rock’s pre-1980’s history going back all the way to the 40’s – a trip through music decades past ranging from tin-pan alley to the 60’s British Invasion and 70’s punk rock.”

So, for past fans and new fans to come – Good News! The Travoltas are back! They have two upcoming shows in Texas. Dec. 27th – Granada Theater – Dallas, (with Bob Schneider) & Jan. 3 – Shipping & Receiving – Ft. Worth. Details will be delivered via Salim’s email list and Facebook.

The future of the Travoltas? Hopefully there will be more shows and a new CD – there are new songs waiting for the opportunity. Your support could make all the difference!