An evening with Alex Dezen, Billy Harvey & Salim Nourallah

February 25th, 2014

We have some very exciting news this month!  It’s been confirmed that Salim will be touring with Damnwells frontman, Alex Dezen, and producer/singer-songwriter Billy Harvey (who produced and collaborated on Salim’s album Constellation) in late May. An evening with Alex Dezen, Billy Harvey & Salim Nourallah will feature all three musicians on stage together for…

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The Skeleton Closet Saga – Finding The Moments

February 6th, 2014

The making of every CD comes with its own tale. Studio stories, budgeting woes, hours spent on one bridge, a few heads banged against the wall, and scheduling challenges. Skeleton Closet is no exception. Born of the fruitful creative sessions for Hit Parade, this #6 solo CD has now taken longer to birth than any…

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Travoltas Update!

February 1st, 2014

We asked Salim, “What’s up with the Travoltas?!” Remember the Travoltas? Salim’s brainchild of a band in polyester suits? Salim Nourallah (vocals, guitar), Paul Slavens (keys, vocals), Nick Earl (guitar), Emsy Robinson (bass) and Mike Hodges (drums)…….. Thank Goodness – The Travoltas do still exist – they have not broken up (what the heck would…

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The Texas Tour (Is It Really A Tour If No State Lines Are Crossed?)

January 31st, 2014

The debate goes on and on – but we say YES! We believe Rhett Miller & Salim Nourallah have collective creative license to call this group of shows exactly what they choose to! 4 dates, 4 shows, in 4 great Texas cities. Salim w/Joe Reyes – Opening for Rhett Miller!!! Backstory (in case you didn’t…

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