See You in Marfa EP coming out August 19th!

Salim Nourallah’s See You in Marfa EP is the result of a collaboration between the singer-songwriter/producer and British guitarist/songwriter/producer Marty Willson-Piper. Willson-Piper spent over 30 years in the Australian band, The Church, and continues to perform, produce, and prolifically record since parting ways with the band. Nourallah is a Texan (based in Dallas) who has spent many years releasing solo records and touring Europe as well as producing a vast array of other artists. Rhett Miller and Old 97’s sit atop the list of Nourallah’s production credits. 

During the fall of 2018, Nourallah assembled his long-time band – John Dufilho (Deathray Davies/Apples in Stereo), Joe Reyes (Buttercup), Richard Martin (Shibboleth), and Jason Garner (Polyphonic Spree) – for the first time since 2011’s acclaimed Hit Parade, a record which AllMusic called “a superb album from a master of contemporary pop.” Joined by Willson-Piper, who co-produced alongside Nourallah and played guitar, the group of musicians cut an album and a half’s worth of songs in a Nashville studio called Welcome to 1979. “I’d been a fan of Marty’s ex-band for many years and thought pairing him with my long-time guitarist, Joe Reyes, would make for a ridiculously talented guitar section,” says Nourallah. “I also hadn’t done a record with my band since 2011, so we were due!”

Plans to release a full-length album of the material fell through when the Covid-19 pandemic struck in March of 2020 and forced Willson-Piper to cancel plans to come to the United States and tour with Nourallah. A decision was made to indefinitely shelve the album, A Nuclear Winter, until Willson-Piper was finally able to come back to America and the two musicians could resume touring plans; both hope this will happen in early 2023 along with the album release. 

The five-song See You in Marfa EP includes bonus material from the Nashville sessions as well as “Hold On To the Night,” a song Nourallah and Willson-Piper co-wrote, and the EP serves as a teaser for the forthcoming, still-to-be-scheduled album. ”Hold On To the Night” was released as the first single from the EP on June 3rd, and the song and accompanying video premiered at Glide Magazine, who called the song a “triumphant power pop anthem… [that] brings together the indie rock sensibility of Wilco and the catchy power pop stylings of Tom Petty… this bouncy rock and roll anthem that feels truly timeless. It also provides further proof that, while Nourallah may not be as recognized as the acts he produces, he is a gem of a writer and musician.” 

The second single, the title track, “See You in Marfa,” will be released July 8th; the video for the song will premiere on July 6th at The Big TakeoverMarfa is a small town in desolate 

West Texas has become the scene of a thriving art community. Nourallah penned the EP’s title song, “See You in Marfa,” several years ago before a planned trip with his 

girlfriend. He remembers it like this: “I was listening to a live concert by a songwriter I used to like. The crowd went nuts after he played the lamest love song ever. I actually got upset and thought, ‘Geez, I can write a better one than that!’ The timing was perfect because I’d just booked a road trip to Marfa with my girlfriend, and I wanted to surprise her with a song once we got there. I ended up playing her a demo recording of the song in our trailer at El Cosmico. It was a great moment. Seven years later, we’re still together, and I feel very good about finally releasing it!”